Catholic Pilgrims of Mary and Jesus

"For those who do not believe, no proof will suffice ... for those who do believe, no proof is necessary !"

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There is much to read and learn on the topic of Christian inspiration, and even more to experience in seeking a path towards Jesus. Catholic Pilgrims of Mary and Jesus seeks to send you on a journey – a virtual pilgrimage of sorts. Much of the content within these pages has been created or collected by the author, some while on pilgrimage. Where appropriate to enhance the viewer's experience, links are provided to sites of similar interest or for more specific content on a particular topic. However, it is our belief after much searching that the content you will find here is quite unique and will not be found in similar detail or combination in any other single website. Catholic Pilgrims is committed to ensuring the information provided here is based on or consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church. You will find nothing here that contradicts these teachings.